ladder (n.) [West Coast Trail]

Some reflections after hiking the West Coast Trail, headed from Pachena to Gordon River.


wild (adj., n.) [West Coast Trail]

Today, we embark on the beginning of a pretty wild journey, entering the 75-km West Coast Trail on the north end of Vancouver Island. We officially enter the trail tomorrow morning, but are headed up to the northern trailhead today, after a short detour to the south end in Port Renfrew, to leave the car. … Continue reading wild (adj., n.) [West Coast Trail]

peace (n.)

Earlier today, as I was sitting in meditation, I came across a word that I've long been contemplating without truly noticing it. Funnily enough, I've never really considered this word despite the many entries I've written on mindfulness, which truly at their core are concerned with this word, peace. All too often, we beat around the … Continue reading peace (n.)

you (pron.) [Reading Ron Currie Jr.’s ‘Everything Matters!’]

It's been a while since I wrote commentary about a book I recently finished but this recent one really got me going. Especially because I see how my recent 12-day stay at Suan Mokh in Thailand has coloured my views. It's kind of wonderful, but also equally existential (which I'm hoping one of these days … Continue reading you (pron.) [Reading Ron Currie Jr.’s ‘Everything Matters!’]